Young Adult Ministry

Why Give Your Life to College Ministry in New Jersey?

Jeff and Karen believe that young people are the hope of the future. They believe that Satan knows that too, and works hard to keep young people away from a supportive Christian community. This is especially true in NJ. Even most thriving churches often lack any kind of ministry for singles after youth group. So…

They started a college and career group out of their church in 2003 in order to:

  • Provide a place where the disconnected in the church could gather and lift one another up
  • Train young adults how to read the Bible, follow God and share their faith
  • Send Christian young people out to reach their peers in the community for Christ through service and evangelism

They longed to build bridges with other churches who sought the same goals, so they:

  • Reached out to the leaders of C&C groups around NJ, sharing their hearts and vision for the future
  • Built a network of leaders from these other ministries, sharing events, resources and experience
  • Constructed a ministry map so that young adults could find a ministry near them

They are seeking to serve young adults for Christ full-time through Campus Crusade in NJ by:

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