Why Reach College Students?

Strategic Warfare

How they are influenced in college will most likely affect them for the rest of their lives. Click here for a video. College is one of the hardest places in the world to live out the Christian life because…


The Devil knows:

  • The best way to keep people from God is while they are young, rebellious and free from their parents’ influence for the first time.
  • College graduates will be running the country, so if they abandon God it will have a profound effect on the entire world.

But, God is on the move at college:

  • 600 students are involved in Campus Crusade movements across NJ
  • 1,200+ students have received Christ in the last 2 years (on campus and through mission trips)
  • Jeff and Karen launched movements on 2 new campuses last semester


A recent study indicated that the following number of alcohol-related incidents occur each year:

  • 600,000 injuries
  • 96,000 sexual assaults
  • 1700 deaths



“I was required to watch pornography in the classroom”
—Ethics Student, Stockton University

“Jesus was a homosexual and a magician.”
—Philosophy Professor

“I was berated and humiliated in class by my professor.”
—Rutgers Student

“My youngest son… has been thoroughly brainwashed by his professors. He has lost his faith in God, and has been taught that truth is relative.”
—Letter to Campus Crusade from a grieved mother

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