Who Am I?

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According to these metrics, personalities most often fit into one of four temperaments (below) which each contain four personality types. Click on a temperament to learn more about them.

NT - Rationals
NF - Idealists
SP - Artisans
SJ - Guardians

Isn’t it amazing how we all seem to be uniquely designed? Universally this causes people to ask the deeper questions of “Why am I the way I am?” “What am I here for?” or “What’s the purpose of life?” Often times when we try to answer those questions through things like relationships, jobs, experiences, etc. we end up disappointed. Worldwide research indicates 70% of all people dislike their job.

The Bible says that God did not intend for us to be frustrated by these questions. He has designed each and every one of us with a purpose in mind. He has a plan for our individual lives.

Noted Church History professor Dr. Douglass Kelly says that the investigation of human personality types actually originated with study of the Trinity. Thinkers became curious about the complexity of mankind and how it reflected the character of its Creator.

The complexity of our design can lead us to wonder what we were designed for. Here is an article exploring that question, and an entire website where you can ask deep questions and even receive personal answers from caring people.


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