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Campus Activity Checklist

Click here to see everything we do and how to do it.


Event Calendar

Click here to see what Cru students and missionaries are doing on campus each month.

We recognize that people interested in partnering have different gifts, resources and time available and have tailored opportunities to match.

There is a list for each event for specific ways you can pray, give or and/or participate.


Reaching High School Students

Click here for resources and suggestions on preparing your teen for life and ministry at college.

There are tips for working 1-on-1 with a student as well as activities an entire Youth Group can do together.


Reaching College Students

Click here for opportunities to connect or support students on campus.

You will see options minimal commitment opportunities for those just checking us out, moderate opportunities for to help you give partnership a try and high level opportunities for those ready to invest in an ongoing way.

There are ways to participate for churches close and not so close to a college.


Reaching Young Adults

Click here for resources and tips on engaging young adults.

You can find ways to meet young adults during or after college as well as suggestions for helping them discover and fulfill their calling in your church and community.

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