Our Strategy

To change the world, we introduce students to Christ, build them up in their faith and send them out as life-long Christ-centered missionaries for the gospel (vocationally or “under cover” in the secular market).


W I N - Introducing students to Jesus

• Conversations (on the street, with friends, in a loving community)

• Outreaches (mission trips, events, charity, prayer request tables)

• Media (websites, film clips, surveys, gospel booklets)

B U I L D - Helping students grow toward God

• Conferences and retreats (like the Christmas Conference in DC)

• Biblical life application (with tons of free resources)

• Mentoring relationships (church volunteers or older students using this packet)

• Learning how to tell others about Christ (with the "Knowing God Personally")

S E N D - Taking the Message to the World

Summer projects

• Full-time Staff and Internships (locally and worldwide)

• Marketplace ministry (ministering “under cover” in secular jobs)

From the university campus, a great missionary force is being raised up and sent out to reach the world for Christ.

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