NT - Rationals

Ex. Paul, Albert Einstein

Feels like an alien in society (different from others). Scientist, researcher. Desires competence in everything.

Loves intelligence, ruthless in self-criticism. Must improve. Feels failure is close at hand. Always raising the performance "bar" higher. Deep reluctance to state the obvious, results in little praise/ encouragement given to others.

Loves the complicated, technical and exacting side of life. Live in their work. Work is work and play is work. Desire for laws and why of life and the universe.

Develops models, ideas and systems. Accepts change as long as it makes sense. Considers opposing ideas usually with an open mind. Values development of will, self-control and intelligence. Tends to be straightforward in dealing with others, yet enjoys convoluted and paradoxical statements. Focus on future.

Past gives direction to the future. Humiliated by errors of logic. May be oblivious to emotions. May not be sensitive to interpersonal relationships.

ENTJ - Field Marshal | INTJ - Mastermind

ENTP - Inventor/Problem Solver | INTP - Architect

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