NF - Idealists

Ex. John, Eleanor Roosevelt

Wants to be true to self. In a search for self that is circular and perpetual. Wants "to be what he is meant to be and to have an identity which is uniquely his." Seeks unity and uniqueness.

The uniqueness of their contributions needs recognition. NFs wants to be authentic-what you see is what you get. Wants to live a life that makes a difference.

Picks up on gestures and behaviors others do not see, but may misinterpret the meaning of such. Enters projects with high hopes and goals, working long and hard. Often feels disappointed with actual outcomes.

Carries a sense of mission looking for "converts." Causes must have deep, lasting importance. Wants to communicate with others. Working towards perfection may cause them to demand too much from themselves and others. Wants to bring out best in others. Knows there is more to life than what is visible.

ENFJ - Teacher / Organizer | INFJ - Counselor

ENFP - Champion | INFP - Healer

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