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The following is a description of the ministry wife Karen and I serve in full-time with Campus Crusade for Christ in NJ, seeking to reach lost students of NJ with the life-changing love of Jesus, and of the need for your partnership. Before reading on, please pray that God would show you whether this is a direction he is taking you…

How I was Called: God used a Summer job at a Christian Camp to show me that I would not be fulfilled unless I was joining in His mission to reach the lost. I believe that the more involved we are in what God is doing, the more meaningful our lives are, and the best way to experience God is to find where He's already at work and join Him. For more on this, click here.

Why College Students: Bill Bright, founder of CCC said, "If we can reach the campus today, we can change the whole world tomorrow!" Only 1% of the world's population earns a college degree! Yet, it's out of this 1% that most of our future leaders will emerge. The way people are affected during college will impact their whole lives, as well as our future society. It's no wonder that Satan works so hard to keep this age group from the church. For more info on this, click here and here.

Why NJ: We live outside Modern-day Rome! Snug between NYC and Philadelphia, with the highest density of schools, highest % of ethnic and international students and highest incomes in the world, New Jersey is arguably the most prominent seat of power for affecting the entire world. It is as easy to see Satan at work in NJ as on the college campus, because he is investing in the most strategic places to keep the world from knowing Jesus. There's a higher % of Evangelical Christians in Beijing, China than Middlesex, NJ. While other states have as many as 16 CCC missionaries on a single campus, NJ has worked hard to raise 10 missionaries to reach 57 campuses (an average of 38k students per missionary)! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

What We Do: "By all possible means, let us advance God's kingdom by making Christ fully known on every campus, influencing the state and ultimately the world." - New Jersey Metro vision statement. Our mission takes 3 forms: Win, Build and Send.

  • Win- Over 70 students in NJ accepted Christ through CCC last year (and another 410 during Spring Break)! Our primary method to reach lost students is to teach Christians how to share their faith with friends as well as strangers. To see how we transmit the gospel message, or to visit the site where 200 people accept Christ each day, click here.
  • Build- Helping Christian students defend their faith, grow closer to God and become self-feeding, life-long followers of Christ is a huge part of what we do. Through discipleship, Bible study and conferences, students are able to see how the Bible is relevant to their lives today and how living with eyes fixed on Jesus is the best way to draw others to Him. Click here to listen to seminars from a recent conference.
  • Send- Our goal is not to reach college students, but to reach the world through them. By empowering Christian students to carry the gospel into their careers, God's message can reach those who would never set foot in a church or college Bible study. Click here to listen to seminars from a conference that sent students into the world as missionaries wherever they would go.

Ministry Story: God blew us away as a church partnership helped us launch a ministry at Georgian Court University this Fall. God provided Christians in positions of power (dir of student development, adjunct professor, 2 RA's and a grad student) who were able to launch the club in time for the activities fair last Thur. Giving 25 books, bibles, cds, highlighters and water bottles (all with a way to lead someone to Christ), well over 100 people filled out surveys (more than half interested in joining the club). God even used Karen to lead someone at a neighboring club table to Christ, who is now an active member of one of the 2 Bible studies already started. To read more about what how God has used us personally on campuses around the state, visit

How You Can Help: Our biggest need in the ministry is monthly Financial Support, as we need another $400/month to cover the cost of our baby Arthur's medical insurance. Concerned partners are giving in all different kinds of amounts and increments (monthly, quarterly, annual and special). If you are unable to help in this way, or you would like to be involved in other ways too, we would love to have you partner with us in Prayer (by receiving our monthly prayer e-newsletter). You could also make a huge difference by Introducing Us to Others who either attend or work at a college, or who might like to hear about and support our ministry. Finally, for those who truly want to dive in, there are lots of ways to Volunteer, from helping with events or bringing food to meetings to discipling/encouraging a student one-on-one or sending care packages.

Please take some time now to pray for and about this ministry. If God lays it on your heart to participate in any of the ways above, contact me at jeff . grant @ uscm . org

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, pray and consider! May God bless your life that people would see you and worship Him!

Jeff Grant

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