ISTP Crafter 10% of Population


If you are an ISTP you may:

  • Be action oriented, preferring action directed toward the factual and practical
  • Work long, dedicated hours on something within their interest
  • Have precise and endless energy while working on a particular task, but not for the rest of their lifestyle in general
  • Tolerate disorder, not a perfectionist
  • Seem unpredictable, unstable, and impulsive in their on-again, off-again interests
  • Be more interested in a particular activity than in it’s completion or goal
  • Need to be involved in action, as opposed to sitting and reading, chatting, etc.
  • Enjoy solitude, may seem distant, connecting with people more through activity than through dialogue
  • Prefer to put knowledge to use rather than attain it for its own sake
  • Learn better through experience as opposed to through formal means
  • Get involved in sports, either as a spectator, participant, or both (surfing is an ISTP sport that demands a willingness to perfect a

performance and a tolerance for solitude)

  • Be fascinated by complicated, action-oriented equipment, like earth movers, large trucks, and construction equipment
  • Fit well in jobs like surgeons, electricians or racing

These are roles you may enjoy:

  • Posters
  • Fliers
  • Drama
  • Work on Monthly Area Meetings
  • Large Events
  • Any Task You Would Enjoy Doing
  • Music Group Organizer
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