ISTJ Inspector 10% of Population


If you are an ISTJ you may:

  • Be decisive in practical affairs and guardians of time-honored institutions
  • Tend to be quiet and serious
  • Focus thoroughly on details, justice, practical procedures and smooth flowing continuity
  • Be very dependable and desire dependability from others
  • Not be likely to take chances with money
  • Handle and make sense of difficult, detailed figures
  • Seem cold and tough-skinned, but be vulnerable to criticism
  • Show more patience with work and procedures in an institution than goals of individuals in that institution
  • Want everything and everyone to be in the right place at the right time
  • Be a pillar of strength in a marriage, loyal and faithful, and taking responsibilities seriously
  • Prove dutiful, stable and consistent, practical and sensible
  • Accept occasional fickleness and irresponsibility in others but not yourself
  • Prefer pragmatic over ostentatious or fancy things

These are some roles you may enjoy:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Prayer Partners
  • A/V Setup
  • Posters
  • Drama
  • Computer-Internet
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