ISFP Composer 10% of Population


If you are an ISFP you may:

  • Have a great need for freedom
  • Need to achieve intensity of feeling, but focus more on the sensitive side than the meaningful side
  • Thrive on experience: exciting pleasure, music, color, rhythm, that is experience and internalized
  • Not be articulate, preferring to communicate through action
  • Avoid seek philosophy, science, or literature; but instead pursue the surf, the forest, the car, the potter’s wheel, etc
  • Value people as the framework for activities
  • Be independent and probably the least understood of personality types
  • Live in and for the moment, and as fully as possible
  • Be tempted to abandon current lifestyle for an unknown, simple, rural or communal life - like the flower children of the 60's

These are roles you may enjoy:

  • Posters
  • Fliers
  • Band Member
  • Coffee House Organizer
  • Coffee House Performer
  • Ice Breakers
  • Drama
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