INTP Architect 1% of population


If you are an INTP you may:

  • Be the most precise in thoughts and language of any type
  • See distinctions and inconsistencies of thought almost instantaneously
  • Have good concentration
  • Search for what is relevant to the issue at hand
  • Fail to be impressed by position or tradition
  • Curiously search for understanding
  • Value intelligence, can become obsessed with knowledge and following an issue through to understanding in all its complexity
  • Become impatient with others less endowed intellectually
  • Thrive in theoretical math, logic, philosophy and science (as opposed to applied science)
  • Tend not to be a writer, salesperson or teacher for advanced student (however, you are a hard taskmaster)
  • Devote yourself seriously to your mate
  • Dislike constant social activity or disorganization in the home - spouse may manage social life
  • Be somewhat forgetful of dates and appointments
  • Retreat into a world of books
  • Have difficulty in expressing emotions
  • Enjoy children and devote yourself as a parent
  • Be a low-key disciplinarian
  • Run an orderly home

These are some roles you may enjoy:

  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Teach
  • Small Group Leader
  • Outreach Team Member
  • Music Group Organizer
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