INTJ Mastermind 1% of population


If you are an INTJ you may:

  • Exude self-confidence
  • Think introspectively, logically and empirically
  • Be a “Scientist type”
  • Dislike indecision
  • Build systems and apply concepts
  • Judge authority and rules based on whether they make sense, not on fads or force
  • Be very pragmatic
  • Manipulate, never be a victim of reality
  • Like to play with new ideas and quickly discard concepts that don’t work
  • Balances logic with intuition
  • Drive to complete, with an eye for long-term consequences
  • Enjoy stimulating challenges with an outlet for creativity
  • Be single-minded (sometimes ignoring views of others)
  • Work hard in pursuit of goals
  • Form theoretical models and transform them into actuality
  • Value coherence and consistency
  • Excel in roles which require developing
  • Give people the sense that you can see through them
  • Be loyal, but sometimes viewed as cold and unemotional because of your drive

These are roles you may enjoy:

  • Drama
  • Publicity
  • Posters
  • Campus Newspaper or Ministry Newsletter
  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Relational Evangelism
  • Treasurer
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