INFP Healer 1% of Population


If you are an INFP you may:

  • Be calm, reticent, pleasant and even shy
  • Strongly care for people, although you may seem distant
  • Be an idealist, so may feel isolated
  • Have a strong sense of honor based on values
  • Seek unity of all aspects of life - body, mind, emotions and intellect
  • Be keenly aware (sometimes preoccupied) with evil and committed to good
  • Have a strong sense of values: beautiful vs. ugly, moral vs. immoral; oriented more by values than by logic
  • Excel at understanding and creating symbols
  • View logic as optional
  • Deal in absolutes and get impatient with the hypothetical
  • Adapt well at work, welcoming new ideas and information
  • Be sensitive to people and feelings, relating well
  • Work well alone or with others
  • Have much patience with complicated situations, but little patience with routine details
  • Make more errors of fact than of values
  • Choose careers in ministry, teaching, psychology, architecture; not business
  • Have good scholastic potential
  • Willingly sacrifice in order to follow a calling to help others
  • Commit to your mate and prefer to live in harmony (not all types are like this)
  • Express affection and interest indirectly
  • Be protective of and devoted to home and family
  • Try to balance between realism and idealism (not expecting success/happiness without sacrifice)
  • Easy to live with because you are devoted, sympathetic and adaptable
  • May allow decisions to be made on your behalf, unless values are violated

These are some roles you might enjoy:

  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Teach
  • Small Group Leading
  • Posters
  • Drama
  • Visitation
  • Greeter
  • Counseling
  • T-shirts Design
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