INFJ Counselor 1% of Population


If you are an INFJ, you may:

  • Focus on possibilities—creativity
  • Think in terms of values
  • Come to decisions easily
  • Have very strong empathetic and intuitive abilities
  • Be a serious, excelling student and enjoy work
  • Be a creative, perfectionist achiever
  • Exert influence behind the scenes, rather than leading from the front
  • Be hard to get to know, tend not to share your reactions with many
  • Like to please others, enjoy agreeing and harmony, dislike conflict
  • Use approval to motivate others
  • Have a vivid imagination
  • Be the most poetic and artistic
  • Thrive in careers that engage people one-on-one or involve creative writing
  • Write elegantly and eloquently, a master of metaphor
  • Work well in organizational structure
  • Enjoy problem solving
  • Excel in public relations (one to one)
  • Lose confidence, be paralyzed or even ill in hostile conditions and unfriendly criticism
  • Be a devoted mate
  • Create deep bonds with children (can enable overdependency)
  • Form a small circle of deep and long-standing friendships

These are some roles you may enjoy:

  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Posters
  • Campus Newspaper or Newsletter
  • Publicity
  • Counseling
  • Care for the hurting
  • Teaching
  • Visitation
  • Greeter
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