ESTP Promoter 10% of Population


If you are an ESTP you may:

  • Thrive on action, continuous, fast action
  • Be resourceful
  • Friendly with a theatrical style, socially sophisticated, suave, urbane, manipulators of the external environment
  • Observe and predict others' reactions, and take little cues for responding
  • Feel that the ends justify the means
  • Be stimulated by exciting and daring situations
  • Initiate of enterprises that bring people together to negotiate; great at pulling companies or institutions out of red tape
  • Be unequaled in selling a project, but dislike to be bogged down with follow-through (which is noticed more by others than the organizing strengths)
  • Need a constructive outlet for your entrepreneurial and promotional capabilities, otherwise you might turn to nefarious crime
  • Live for the moment
  • Know many people by name, but have few commitments
  • Sometimes prioritize social activities over family
  • Have conditional friendships, based on your conditions
  • Be impulsive and generous, craving excitement

These are some roles you might enjoy:

  • Outreach Leader
  • Planning Advisory-Visionary
  • Music group Organizer
  • Drama Organizer
  • Organizer Monthly Area Meetings
  • Fund Raising
  • Publicity
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