ESTJ Supervior 12% of Population


If you are an ESTJ you may:

  • Be very responsible, realistic and matter of fact; dependable, consistent and neat
  • Efficiently organize orderly procedures and details, rules and regulations
  • Be in touch with external environment
  • Grow impatient with those who do not carry out procedures with detail
  • Be comfortable evaluating others - judging in terms of standard
  • Value actions over theories, rules over principles
  • Remain loyal to institutions, work and community
  • Have a strong sense of duty—even at sacrifice
  • Rise to positions of responsibility
  • Not always respond to others' points of view, and may jump to conclusions about others without really listening
  • Value punctuality in yourself and others
  • Need to make a special effort to remain open to input of spouse, children and employees
  • Be in tune with established time-honored institutions and ways of behaving
  • Approach relationships through traditions
  • Enjoy seeing friends/relatives at organized functions and gatherings
  • Be easy to get to know, without confusing people by sending double messages

These are roles you may enjoy:

  • Outreach Supervisor
  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Teach
  • Events Supervisor
  • Organize Monthly Regional Meetings
  • Small Group Leader
  • Small Group Coordinator
  • Supervise Teams
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
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