ESFP Performer 10% of Population


If you are an ESFP you may:

  • Radiate attractive warmth and optimism
  • Appear smooth, witty, clever, voluble and open to the environment
  • Be a natural performers
  • Avoid being alone, craving excitement and company
  • Be an outstanding conversationalist
  • Have an air of sophistication
  • Often dress in the latest fashions
  • Seem happy-go-lucky, always wearing a happy face
  • Display a mood of “eat, drink and be merry”
  • Make an exciting, unpredictable mate
  • Be impulsive
  • Tend to fill your home with people having a good time
  • Refuse to dwell on doom and gloom
  • Have the lowest tolerance for anxiety of all personality types, ignoring problems as long as possible
  • Be generous to a fault
  • Give in easily and agreeably to demands of others, acting agreeable and compliant, but when you have the chance you tend to go on your merry way
  • Be impatient or absent when others are ill
  • Rely on personal experience, having good common sense
  • Be gregarious, sociable, observant and adaptable
  • Not be very interested in scholastic pursuits
  • Thrive in active jobs: social work (good at working with people in crisis), entertaining and performing arts, business and selling, education
  • Avoid science and engineering; lonely, solitary jobs

These are some roles you may enjoy:

  • MC-Host Large Group Meetings
  • Band Leader
  • Talking to strangers
  • Drama
  • Work on Monthly Area Meetings
  • Publicity
  • Peopled Oriented Service Projects
  • Large Group Greeter
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