ESFJ Provider Server 15% of Population


If you are an ESFJ you may:

  • Be very sociable, valuing harmony
  • Nurture established institutions
  • Excel at hosting
  • Easily remember names
  • Attend to the needs of others, making sure all are comfortable
  • Be nostalgic and sentimental
  • Be hurt by indifference
  • Want appreciation for yourself and your extensive service to others, need to be needed
  • Respect rules and regulations, taking social standards very seriously with a strong sense of "should" and "shouldn't"
  • Be conscientious and orderly, duty bound and service oriented
  • Prefer teaching, preaching and administrating in people-to-people jobs
  • Be devoted to traditional values of home and hearth
  • Marry to insure proper social strata
  • Be dependent on their mates
  • React with outgoing emotion
  • Thrive on festive occasions - good food and drink, fine clothes
  • Sometimes be overly pessimistic, causing others undue tension
  • See children and family as extensions of yourself, seeing all they do as reflecting upon you

These are some roles you may enjoy:

  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Secretary
  • Small Group Leading
  • Drama
  • Service Projects
  • Work on Monthly Regional Meetings
  • Visitation
  • Welcome Team Coordinator
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Teach
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