ENTP - Inventor Problem Solver 2% of the Population


If you are an ENTP you may:

  • Be imaginative both socially and mechanically
  • Stay alert to future possibilities
  • Excel at functional analysis
  • Enjoy complexity
  • Enthusiastically appreciate a wide range

of subjects, and inspire others

  • Dislike routine that serves no higher purpose
  • Incessantly look for a "better way," "new procedures," "fresh outlook"
  • Feel the words, "it can't be done" are a personal challenge
  • Improvise well, possibly neglecting preparation
  • Gain a sense of power and competency from accomplishments
  • Easily follow complex verbalization and shifting opinions of others in conversation
  • Excel in many occupations as long as they do not involve humdrum routine
  • Make an innovative teacher
  • Grow bored with a project when the challenge is gone
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Have trouble with orderliness of daily living (sometimes undependable)
  • Throw family into physical or economic danger with your daring living
  • Be highly competitive
  • Give inconsistent attention to your children (feast or famine)
  • Be easy going, not nagging

These are some roles you may enjoy:

  • Outreach Leader
  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • MC - Host Large Group Meetings
  • Teach
  • Small Group Leader/Coordinator
  • Drama
  • Visitation
  • Large Group Greeter
  • Welcome Coordinator
  • Publicity
  • Computers - Internet
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