ENTJ - Field-Marshal 2% of Population


If you are an ENTJ you may:

  • Have strong leadership qualities
  • Strongly urge to give structure
  • Think empirically and objectively
  • Demonstrate evidence easily whether classifying, generalizing or summarizing
  • Focus on goals when planning tasks
  • Tolerate established procedures until they get in the way of goals
  • Annoy easily with inefficiency or repeated errors
  • Require practical reasons for everything
  • Organize and direct naturally
  • Base decisions on careful, impersonal data
  • Devote yourself to your job (workaholic danger?)
  • Rise to executive positions of responsibility
  • Take command of your home when present
  • Expect a lot of your mate (who must have a strong personality as well)
  • Assume obedience and cooperation from your children
  • Prefer orderliness at work and at home
  • Value predictability and punctuality

These are roles you may enjoy:

  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Teach
  • Service Projects
  • Setup & Coordinate Small Groups
  • MC - Host Large Group Meetings
  • Organize Monthly Area Meetings
  • Setup Drama Team
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