ENFP Champion of Good, Rallier of Groups 2.5% of Population


If you are an ENFP you may:

  • Find significance in everything
  • Strive to always be authentic and spontaneous (often feel unsuccessful at this and tend to berate yourself)
  • Sometimes feel out of touch with your wide range of feelings
  • Sometimes interpret events in terms of another’s hidden motives, giving special meaning to words or actions (often inaccurately negative interpretations)
  • Be very sensitive and alert (even suffer from muscle tension)
  • Be very attentive (to your main focus and the environment at the same time)
  • Consider emotional experiences vital
  • Give direct attention, not casual or wandering
  • Be brilliantly perceptive, but often inaccurate in conclusions or judgments
  • Bore quickly, thriving on the stimulation of variety
  • Enjoy creating, but lose interest in follow-through (unfinished projects)
  • Be enthusiastic and personable, optimistic and independent
  • Lead naturally, without trying
  • Succeed in many career choices
  • Solve problems well, including those with people
  • Be very creative/imaginative, better at initiating projects than following someone else
  • Need people-oriented Jobs, with feedback, but feel constrained by institutions
  • Make a charming, gentle and sympathetic mate
  • Be nonconformist and unpredictable
  • Be a devoted parent, vacillating between friend and authority figure, desiring to leave discipline to your mate
  • Want a conflict-free home (you'd be surprised that not every type feels this way)
  • Have a casual attitude toward financial needs, spending money on luxuries

Below are some roles you may enjoy:

  • Outreach Leader
  • MC-Host Large Group Meetings
  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Drama
  • Organize Monthly Regional Meetings
  • Small Group Leading
  • Service Projects
  • Teach
  • Computers-Internet
  • Publicity
  • Fund Raising
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