ENFJ Teacher Organizer 2.5% of Population

If you are an ENFJ you may:

  • Value cooperation more than most
  • Hold people as your highest priority
  • Feel responsible for the feelings of others
  • Idealize personal relationships (sometimes even to a point of burden for the other person)
  • Excel at communication face to face (vs writing)
  • Be hurt if not understood
  • Have an unusual ability to empathize (feel what others feel, even over-identify with others)
  • Have good intuition, but not the best logic
  • Read people's motives well (even hidden ones)
  • Devote yourself deeply to mates and parents (but not domineering)
  • Have an even temper (can be victimized by a more demanding mate)
  • Try to please (feel responsible for home life that doesn’t go smoothly)
  • Thrive in people-to-people careers
  • Suffer in non-interactive careers (like accounting)
  • Like to have things settled and organized
  • Honor commitments and arrive on time
  • Like complex solutions which require juggling of data
  • Be able to organize without planning

Below is a list of roles you might enjoy:

  • Planning/Exec. Team
  • Small Group Leading
  • Teach
  • Organize Service Projects
  • Visitation
  • Large Group Welcome Team Member/Organizer
  • MC-Host Large Group Meetings
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